Photography, for me, centers on evoking emotion. I seek out subjects that offer overlooked substance, creating greater affect within the ordinary. With the appropriate contextual elements at play, I am able to more fully grasp the mood of the image, as a preface to its internal narrative. My images are largely based on existentialism, solitude and the human condition.

I work strictly with film as I find that its organic qualities help to convey my vision more authentically. There is something exciting about the anticipation of waiting for my images to take shape and the delayed gratification of finally seeing an idea realized. Expired film lends its own unique value, and I enjoy experimenting with this as well. Imperfection is welcome in my eyes, as this lends itself to the beauty of how I see life.

I wish to tell a story with my work, or at least present an introduction, with further interpretations left to the viewer.